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A Better Way

The tommy™ patented 21st century technology installs silt fence faster and easier than trenching. Just like GPS and laser screening technology, you are investing in the results (not the equipment).


The tommy™ Difference

tommy™ Slices through the soil disrupting it upwards, creating a pliable soil condition that secures the fabric in the slice. This prevents the fabric from being pulled out of the slice when turning or traversing a water way. This is critical because other slicing methods horizontally compact the interior of the slice outward, creating a soil condition that allows the fabric to easily slide out, thus causing significantly more labor and machine downtime to reinstall the fabric.

All this in one proven, trouble-free operation.


Best of all, the tommy™ turns easily to avoid obstacles and creates “smiles” to contain runoff. The tommy™ actually slices through most obstacles, even eight inch thick cobble and concrete waste, by pushing it to one side. However, if you do snag a hard buried object, the tommy™ is protected by a grade 5 shear bolt to prevent damage to the machine.


Customer Comments

The durability, ease of operation, and ability to install large amounts of fence per day with a two-man crew, made the tommy™ a wise choice when considering our method for installation. We purchased a tommy™ May 2003 and have installed in some of the worst conditions Florida has to offer; the machine has hit everything from engine blocks to refrigerators with no damage to the machine. I attribute our growth over the past year to the tommy™ and plan to purchase another in the future.

Jobie Watson
Twin Oaks Environmental
Winter Park, FL